Integrated Application Paging
Having the right alert management software can mitigate the impact of a problem and speed event resolution. Whether it is to manage a help desk’s day-to-day operations or a solution for critical incident management with full event alerts, integrating SMS text or voice messaging software with your applications enables valuable communication for any more
Desktop Paging
Sending reliable SMS or wireless text messages to cell phones and pagers has become an essential requirement for nearly all organizations, large or small. While this may sound routine, it’s not. Being able to quickly and effectively reach all users in from normal daily operations to extreme emergency situations, demands a robust and reliable communications management more
HipLink Mobile
The HipLink Mobile App is used as an alternative for standard text messages leveraging today’s smartphones and tablets for real-time messaging. Using the HipLink App, a User can have a priority view of important alerts, send and receive encrypted, HIPAA compliant text messages all with full audit and tracking in real-time reports.  
Mass Notification
More than ever, government organizations, educational institutions, and other large enterprises need the ability to reach people quickly in case of an emergency. Whether you need to send emergency notifications to 100 people, 10,000 people, or a major city, HipLink offers an established, field-proven emergency alert system to meet your mass notification needs. read more