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HipLink Issued Patent for Delivery of Critical Voice Communications

If you’ve ever received a voicemail generated from an automated message, you’re likely familiar with the problems that arise. Typically, you’ll only get the tail end of a message and forever lose any essential information that you missed at the start of the recording — which happened while your voicemail message was playing.

Even worse, you might not have received the message at all. If the sending system is waiting for a pause after your greeting before transmitting the message, many times the carrier drops the call before the message even starts. This is because the system interprets the pause as a hang-up because there is no noise.

With critical communication in industries such as public safety and healthcare, missing part of a message or not receiving it at all can be a huge problem. A better method was needed to keep the line alive and successfully detect the right time to start the voicemail message so it is received in its entirety.

HipLink recently patented a system that supports the delivery of automated messages in full, while eliminating the chance of the carrier disconnecting the call or only portion of the message being delivered.

Getting critical calls through — every time

The HipLink solution is brilliant in its simplicity but yet elegant in its execution. During receipt of the call, when the recipient’s greeting plays, a specially configured tone is sent at a specific interval, keeping the line alive and preventing the carrier from dropping the call before the recording is activated. That way, the critical message can be left in full.

This invention works well for two reasons. First, the specially configured tones ensure that if the other party or carrier is set up to detect silence, it will register that the line is still active and pending therefore not dropping it. And second, it allows for whatever time is required for the voice mail message to complete its greeting before starting. It can even detect if there is a secondary message played by the carrier and wait for that to end.

Continuing excellence

This new patent is just one of 14 that underpin the technology behind HipLink. With patent protection, intellectual property cannot be commercially made, distributed, sold, or used without consent from the patent owner. Patents are extremely important for innovators and business owners to hold.

Patents let companies and their investors benefit from their research and development without having to worry that another company will copy the invention and dilute their profit. This protection encourages companies to continue developing technology breakthroughs because there are benefits from putting in the work themselves. And patent holders also deserve to be formally recognized for all their hard work!

Patents work as barriers to entry for competitors in the marketplace as well. Other companies cannot come in and sell or use the same product while the patent is in effect. The company holding the patent gets exclusive use of it.

This most recent HipLink patent marks another success in our journey to continue creating breakthrough technology under the HipLink name. When you work with HipLink, you can be assured that we are at the forefront of our industry and continuously working to offer our customers even better solutions.

HipLink, in partnership with AT&T, is a premier SaaS provider of mobility solutions serving both Mobile Health Care and Public Safety. With unparalleled leadership, patented technology, an impressive track record and extensive customer base, HipLink dedicates itself to the needs of its customers. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, HipLink excels at delivering innovative solutions designed to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of demanding customers.

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