Patient Messaging System for Texting Patients

HipLink Connector for Epic

Appropriate messaging plays a major role in improving patient satisfaction and organizational efficiency for many aspects in a healthcare organization. HipLink provides an engine for automatic notification through Epic or any EMR that allows an organization to support across-the-board communication.

HipLink’s Epic Connector can easily give a hospital instant alerts for texting patient information and communication from MyChart as well as internal logistics coordination and operational notifications.  The HipLink Bi-directional Connector can be used universally across Epic and other EMRs.



While including protected health information (PHI) in a standard SMS text message is not permitted, texting is an effective way to direct patients to the portal or send routine communication and reminders.  This saves staff from having to initiate outbound calls.

By leveraging the conversational nature of text messaging a hospital can take advantage of this valuable communication asset. With a two-way EMR integration your staff doesn’t need to learn how to use a new system for patient notification and your EMR remains the source of truth. 

Patient texting or voice messages provide pro-active, near real-time engagement with patients. With over 85% of patients opting in for text notifications, patient satisfaction soars with implementation of this service.

Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Missed clinic appointments or no-shows significantly impact continuity of care and clinical productivity not to mention revenue.  The average no-show rate across the country is 19% with some areas and specialties as high as 30%. The problem not only affects the organization’s ability to provide continuity of care for patients who fail to show impacting their own care but they also deny others the opportunity for a timely appointment.

Using HipLink you can send a bi-directional Appointment Confirmation asking for a response to either confirm or cancel an appointment.  The system can take automatic action based on the response.  Subsequent reminders can be sent the day before or day of the appointment with the time and address further reducing no-shows and improving on-time arrival.  Reminders reduce lost revenue due to missed appointments from 5% to as much as 20%.  

Automatically Fill Cancellations from Wait List 

By automating wait lists, technology can make the process better for patients and staff. Based on a cancellation, HipLink can immediately alert patients on the waitlist of an opening through text, voice, or email, rather than requiring a staff member to call each individual patient to fill the slot.  This assists in shortening the patient appointment waiting list and allow for patients to take advantage of last minute openings with their provider.

OR Family Updates & Surgery Discharge Coordination

The same HipLink system can send automatic status updates to families of surgery patients via text messages when the patient status changes in Epic.  This can ease family members’ stress by giving them timely information with no special app required and virtually effortless for your OR staff. 

Automatic status notifications to waiting families can result in a more positive experience and better reviews. 

Patient Portal Engagement

Direct patients to their MyChart portal with registration links, for important updates, or lab results.

Patient Arrival Notification

Patients can reply to a ‘day-of’ appointment reminder when they arrive onsite. This allows patients to wait in their vehicles or other designated area to reduce time in waiting rooms.

Covid Recommendations and Follow-up Adherence

Send links with special care instructions, video information links, and recommendations for care, along with phone numbers for questions.

For vaccines, text-based reminders can help ensure second dose compliance.

Billing and Account Reminders

SMS can be used to send a brief text reminder of the bill and provide the patient a link to the payment site. If a  payment method is on file, the patient can authorize payment via text confirmation. Both methods improve A/R days outstanding.



In addition to patient communication, by connecting HipLink to Epic, a hospital can send alerts via SMS or to a pager from any module that has email output.

Examples include:

  • Bed tracking for coordination of housekeeping
  • IV consult orders
  • Unit census
  • Pending admissions in ED
  • Patient placement
  • Other custom workflows




  • Maximize revenue potential through fewer "no-shows“
  • Boost marketing efforts with improved patient engagement
  • Improve patient discharge coordination by keeping key people in the loop
  • Coordinate staff and manage workflow
  • Improve efficiency
  • Control costs


  • Engaging family members via text messaging improves satisfaction
  • No extra work, messages can be triggered automatically from the EMR system
  • More information equals less tension in the waiting room
  • Enables family members to comfortably leave the waiting room knowing they will not miss critical updates


  • Increase Patient Portal Adoption with reminders
  • Ease family members’ stress by giving them timely information
  • Simplify the coordination of family member briefings
  • Receive notification when a patient has been prepared for a procedure
  • Engagement to improve outcomes

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Unified Communication Platform for Hospital Paging 

Specialized in Messaging for Healthcare & Hospital Communication Systems

"Without a doubt, HipLink has played a key role in decreasing incident response time and resolution."  – HMO Technical Support Manager

Using HipLink, organizations see faster deployment, shorter learning curves, a reduced door-to-needle time, and increased Return on Investment (ROI) for healthcare communication solutions including hospital paging system and wireless paging systems. When looking for ways to send emergency text messages, or plan your hospital's emergency preparedness plan, HipLink can help. Whether your staff has mobile medical pagers, smart phones or tablets, our emergency text alerts can help with powerful solutions for messaging for healthcare and hospital paging.

Contact HipLink today for the best and most reliable hospital communication system & hospital paging system that is a specially designed as a full hospital paging system for advanced healthcare paging and hospital paging. 

Care Coordination

  • Hospital Paging System
  • ACO
  • Clinical Alerts
  • Bed rotation-turnover (patient tracking software) 
  • Call Center communication
  • Capacity Management
  • On-Duty paging
  • Shift coverage coordination
  • Rapid Response Team
  • Trauma teams
  • Volunteers


Easy Access Fully web-based for universal access.
Encrypted, HIPAA compliant texting Critical communications on smartphones and tablets; both alerts and HIPAA compliant chat. 
Advanced Communication Protocols — Native protocols with no dependence on email.
Custom Responses – Create custom, one-click responses for recipients.
Voice and IVR – Full functionality for delivery to any phone line with TTS technology.
Two-Way Messaging – Confirm delivery of messages, send instructions or request additional resources. Medical/healthcare organizations can send and receive HIPAA compliant text messaging.
Message Templates – Simplifies the delivery of messages by pre-defining a template to send complex messages in seconds.
Departmental Permission – Easy-to-define policies to control access and data view for increased security.
Powerful Grouping – Mobilizes any size group, instantly.  Easily defined group types include on-duty, escalation, rotation and broadcast groups.
Escalation – Escalate critical messages or alerts messages automatically, until they are acknowledged.
Attribute Assignment – Ad hoc query based on pre-defined characteristics for sending messages.
Accountability – Full audit trail for all activity.

For those looking to replace their Emergin paging software solution with encrypted messaging or support for legacy functions, HipLink has out-of-the-box solutions with experience in migration in Emergin replacement projects for Wireless Office or Emergin Orchestrator.



Hospitals using HipLink Alert System

St. John Medical Center

St. John Medical Center, among other hospitals using HipLink, has over 3,000 HipLink users in their notification center. More than 75% of the hospital uses HipLink to send various messages, including trauma paging for the ER. Most importantly, templates enhance workflow, as well as, automatically populate complex messages to an entire team. Several in-house systems seamlessly integrate with HipLink. This improves the use and application of these systems, as well as, makes information more timely and accessible. Therefore, will patients receive better care.

Allina Hospitals

Allina Hospitals encompasses 11 hospitals, over 50 medical clinics, as well as, more than 40 specialty care centers. Allina effectively communicates to their employees. This includes associated and employed physicians and volunteers with the HipLink platform. Furthermore, Allina utilizes the HipLink department module, email input gateway and filtering tools. Also, they use the LDAP interface, along with several other API’s, processing about 160,000 pages each month. HipLink enables clinicians and hospital employees to migrate from pagers to smart phones. Most importantly, HipLink supports full 256 bit encryption that meets the PHI requirements. In other words, it provides extensive integration options with backend systems for automated alerting to other existing systems in use, such as, Epic MyChart. It also integrates with other systems, such as, ipMonitor, Bedtracker, DB Mail and AIMS. This integration with HipLink leverages information from multiple sources and gets it to the right people when they need it most. As a result, safety and care improve, clinicians save time, and hospitals save costs. Allina is also deploying HipLink VoIP Voice module to handle emergency mass communications.

University Medical Center (UMC)

UMC, a teaching hospital for Texas Tech University Health Services in Lubbock, Texas, has a 390-bed short term acute facility.  This hospital manages 112,000 patient days and 24,000 discharges. As the only Level I Trauma Center in the area, UMC provides comprehensive emergency medical services in a highly sophisticated environment. Therefore, to help meet the strict call compliance requirements for their Trauma Center accreditation, HipLink is being used. The trauma/emergency teams in the hospital use HipLink to mobilize the right personnel to their stations. Also, the hospital expanded its use of HipLink internally by integrating with the hospital-wide alert system. This code system notifies staff of urgent matters, such as, severe weather systems, fires and everyday situations, like, bed capacity. In addition, the hospital Pastor sponsors a “No One Dies Alone” program by using HipLink to reach out to volunteers for vigils with terminal patients.

HIPAA Compliant SMS Text Messaging - Automated Notification

Secure, Encrypted Text Messaging for Healthcare Texting with HipLink Mobile

Secure healthcare texting between caregivers and clinicians in a healthcare environment is often stressful and frustrating for everyone involved. Whether it's a call center-to-physician or clinician-to-clinician using HIPAA compliant texting or secure messaging for chat, being able to send full patient details can make it easier and faster to coordinate proper care. Sending and receiving HIPAA compliant SMS is vital to your day. HipLink can help.


HipLink Mobile - Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Sends critical, secure communication that
  • Dramatically changes the workflow 
  • Enables fast, accurate notifications
  • Direct, simplified process

In addition to standard SMS text messages and hospital paging, HipLink supports an alternative to SMS with real-time with an encrypted, HIPAA compliant text messaging app. The works on Apple and Android phones through an encrypted mobile application for full HIPAA compliance. 

For secure messaging apps for healthcare, users use HipLink to send secure SMS text messages, encrypted for HIPAA compliance both messages and attachments. They can send from a desktop and directly from the phone. It's a HIPAA messaging chat application!

With HipLink Mobile, the User is connected real-time to the server with a live connection for highly reliable and fast messages. For those times when a User isn't logged in, either intentionally or without realizing it, HipLink will alert the User and give them the option to quickly login. In all cases, the sender will know the exact status of their messages, whether pending or delivered, when and if they are read, along with any responses, whether it is peer-to-peer or desktop-to-phone.

Features include:

  • Wi-Fi or cellular data with seamless switching
  • Conversational or traditional alert message for group paging
  • Dedicated Inbox
  • One-click message response
  • Fully encrypted file attachments
  • Video and Wi-Fi calling in app
  • Override phone settings
  • Alternate alert tones
  • Message expiration
  • Send secure HIPAA compliant messages from phone
  • Remote device management  

Message Encryption

To ensure message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity at the highest level for HIPAA compliance, HipLink uses the best possible mechanism, Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is recognized as the security standard in the enterprise community.

Using TLS, HipLink smartphone apps support a wide variety of bit-rate encryption options that include 256-bit AES encryption standards configurable by the administrator. One of the more interesting features HipLink has developed by using this standard is a "single session" handshake process. The security features apply to all phases of message delivery, both messages sent to the phone and responses sent back, as well as data at rest.

Security and Remote Device Management

In addition to client applications, there are several features for Remote Device Management from the HipLink administrative interface that are built in the HipLink Mobile App. An admin can take action to disable access, delete data and enforce General Policy for all of their Users.


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Citizen Emergency Mass Notification & Citizen Alert System

Map-based Citizen Alert Notification


The Resident Mass Notification features in HipLink provide a full suite of products offering an easy to use tool for sending out mass notification alerts or emergency notifications to your citizen population. Based on the latest reverse 911 standards, HipLink has a full integration to ESRI's ArcGIS mapping systems to meet demands for selected mass notification based on geography or location.

Dispatchers or Emergency Management can send emergency notifications to citizens living in a specific area using a variety of easy-to-use tools; such as a configurable polygon, a point with radius, or a line with a buffer. HipLink can also use markers such as an address or zip code. Dispatchers can even select addresses to be excluded.  


Opt-in Website for Residents

In addition to sending to a 911 database of landline phone numbers, HipLink has a full Web Sign-up notification system enabling citizens to self-register and opt-in for SMS text to cell phones, smartphone app, voice alerts , pagers, TTY/TTD devices and even unlisted numbers and social media.

In addition, HipLink Software supports full IPAWS interface to FEMA. This allows agencies to geographically target all emergency alerts.

Using a fully customizable website, citizens link their information to one or more addresses in the county or city’s GIS system. When registering, your agency can also gather demographic data, such as resident or business, senior citizens and those with disabilities. Using this information, you can have messages sent first to those who may need more time to react, such as senior citizens or to disabled members of the community.

For those times when you want to send out more than just emergency alerts, HipLink users can also create a series of optional topics or community alerts to keep citizens informed of special announcements or events. When registering on the website, individuals simply check the box for the topics that are important to them. Notifications can then be sent to the entire list of those who have registered or using the map selection tool, only to those who live in a certain area.


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Mass Notification Software


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