landing/fire paging system


Reliable fire paging system.

When the message HAS to get there, you can count on HipLink.

Send alerts to first responders, mass notifications to the community, and other targeted emergency notification under one umbrella.

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The Leading Provider of CAD Communications


  • Fully web-based
  • CJIS compliant, encrypted messaging
  • Standard text & voice messaging
  • All Devices- All Protocols
  • One-way and two-way paging
  • SMS text messages without using email
  • Group messaging
  • Text-to-speech Voice functions
  • Real-time status reports
  • Real-time message delivery



Every person. Every system. Every device.

Get the right information to the right people. Every Time. 

The Complete Solution



Integrated CAD Paging

Integrate HipLink with any CAD to automatically send text messages to responders, command staff, special units, and mutual aid members. 



Securely communicate with outside agencies, organizations, or stakeholders.




Automatic Escalation

Ensure critical message delivery all the time - every time. HipLink automatically escalates messages or alerts to defined groups of users until they are acknowledged. 


Real-Time Message Status

Track all messages and monitor their delivery and response with HipLink's robust reporting facility. 


HipLink Mobile

Send and receive standard or fully encrypted, CJIS- compliant messages on any Apple or Android device with HipLink Mobile. Use on cellular or your own network.


Powerful Grouping

Mobilize any group instantly for targeted message and alert delivery.

HipLink Software benefits millions of users worldwide, serving hundreds of public and private sector organizations


"HipLink is ideal for us because it's a two-fold solution. We can use it as a professional communication tool in all of the agencies that may be involved in response to a disaster, and we can use it to send mass notification to the public."

Lt. Darrell Freitas, Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services


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