HipLink RF Module



HipLink RF Module - Two-tone Radio Pagers

The HipLink RF Module, used in conjunction with the Warning Systems, Inc. AdaptAlert™ system, interfaces with existing two-tone radio paging infrastructures to deliver audio alerts initiated as text messages from a central CAD.


Dispatching units by Command Line Activation allows an organization to consolidate the functions of multiple paging consoles and systems under one umbrella, improving response times and paging accuracy.


Reaching first responders and volunteers on their radio pagers can be as easy as sending a text message. Any dispatch station with access to the CAD can initiate a call-out in a few seconds, sending the closest available responders identified from the CAD automatically.


Implementation is easy as it’s not necessary to buy or replace any equipment. Moreover, the HipLink RF Module provides a cost-effective solution for Radio paging from the CAD in your organization’s backup facilities.


Using the combined intelligence of CAD, HipLink’s powerful software, and AdaptAlert control box, voice messages can be dispatched to individual or multiple tone groups while simultaneously sending voice or text messages to other pagers, smartphones or cell phones.


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